Outar Hammer

Name : Outar Hammer

Link : https://www.wakfu.com/en/mmorpg/encyclopedia/weapons/9424

Craftkfu : https://craftkfu.waklab.fr/?9424

Level : 50

Description : Outar Great Bwork ordered these fearsome hammers from a village of Xelors with the promise of sparing the townspeople if the hammers were well made. When he received the hammers, he destroyed the village. He needed to try his new weapons after all.

Rarity : Rare

Type : Hammer (two hands)

Effects in use :

Light Damage: 29

Effects in use (Critical) :

Light Damage: 36

Effects on Equipment :

17 Lock

2% Block

54 HP

24 Mastery of 1 random element

10 Elemental Resistance