Bot and Website for crafting in Wakfu


WakTisanat is a discord bot and a website whose goal is to consult the items in the game in order to prepare your farm beforehand.

It is also a directory listing registered artisans and allowing you to make requests to simplify your farm in game.


This project is a fanmade project that I initiated during the confinement 2020 in order to kill time and allow my guild to have an encyclopedia on discord.


On a twisted idea of Mathius'.

Special thanks to:

  • Ankama for making the data available for you to consult.
  • ikikay for his help on the current look of the website.
  • Enio for his help with all the fanDevs.
  • Isp, Slummp and Keyde for their reactivity during my requests to put WakTisanat in contact with the various existing Builders.
  • Batleforc for its help in changing the hosting of WakTisanat related services.
  • Tarek Drevan, Omi, Hiro. and the Guild Bric Ă  Brac for the batches of tests they have carried out throughout the evolution of WakTisanat.
  • Charlie for any proofreading he may have done at the site and the bot.
  • Ja'shurheso'do for proofreading some English translations (On the interface only since Ankama's data is already translated).
  • Neige for the returns he was able to make in order to correct the data impacting the plans in particular.
  • The Wakfu discord [FR] and top.gg for bot recency.