Thork's Hammer

Name : Thork's Hammer

Link :

Craftkfu :

Level : 63

Description : A symbol of power and Bwork pride, this hammer is infused with an ancestral power more ancient than Ogrest's Chaos. Called the Boomhammer, this weapon is capable of shooting sparks around its user, and sometimes ON the user, if it's handled improperly. Thork could tell you all about that last part.

Rarity : Mythical

Type : Hammer (two hands)

Effects in use :

Light Damage: 35

Effects in use (Critical) :

Light Damage: 44

Effects on Equipment :

10 Initiative

10 Lock

90 HP

1 AP

10 Elemental Resistance

7 Melee Mastery

7 Area Mastery

20 Mastery of 2 random element